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We specialise in a wide range of antistatic flooring for commercial and industrial purposes.

Antistatic Floors

Antistatic flooring prevents the discharge of electricity that usually occurs when a person or surface comes into contact with another object. 

Antistatic Flooring Australia specialises in antistatic vinyl flooring and vinyl plank flooring installation in a proactive attempt to establish safer working environments. Antistatic floors are particularly important for organisations dealing with chemicals, flammable objects, production and manufacturing.

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Anti Static Flooring  Melbourne Melbourne Southern Suburbs Seaford

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How an Antistatic Floor will Help

Anti Static Flooring  Melbourne Melbourne Southern Suburbs Seaford

Antistatic Flooring Australia installs antistatic floors to ensure your company is protected from the discharge of electricity. Antistatic floors are the best solution to grounding electrostatic waves, which are known to cause damage to both people and goods in the working environment.

Fortunately, we are experts when it comes to installing antistatic vinyl flooring and are dedicated to the safety of your company.

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