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Need a flooring solution that is resistant to heat, sparks and fire in Melbourne? Call Antistatic Flooring Australia! 

We specialise in efficient antistatic flooring installations, including conductive flooring.

Installation of Conductive Flooring

Conductive flooring is the answer to eliminating the risk of static electricity and electrostatic discharge (ESD) caused by the movement of people and objects. It is a flooring solution best used in environments requiring tough resistance to heat, sparks and fire.

Based in Melbourne, Antistatic Flooring Australia specialises in conductive and antistatic flooring installation to prevent the damage of electronic components and distract contaminants in the environment.

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Conductive Flooring Melbourne Melbourne Southern Suburbs Seaford

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Why Choose Conductive Flooring

Conductive Flooring Melbourne Melbourne Southern Suburbs Seaford

With a greater understanding of the harmful impacts of electrostatic discharge, the need for antistatic flooring is increasing.

Conductive flooring helps to control electrostatic discharge and minimises concrete dusting, allowing for easier cleanup. It also protects equipment, people and the flooring surface while facilitating the production and storage of sensitive electronic components by transferring the harmful static charges to the ground.

Antistatic Flooring Australia is the expert in flooring installation and can handle electrostatic, conductive and ESD floorings. Contact us for your conductive flooring installation!

Conductive flooring offers protection by transferring harmful static charges to the ground


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