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Electrostatic Vinyl Floors

Antistatic Flooring Australia makes use of vinyl in electrostatic (ESD) floor installation as the material is known to be safer and more effective at absorbing electrical charges than any other flooring option.

Electrostatic vinyl plays a significant role in the protection of both your employees and your company by reducing the risk of any accidents and ensuring all electrostatic charges are transferred to the ground.

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Electrostatic Vinyl Melbourne Melbourne Southern Suburbs Seaford

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Importance of Electrostatic Floors

Electrostatic Vinyl Melbourne Melbourne Southern Suburbs Seaford

Antistatic Flooring Australia provides effective electrostatic (ESD) vinyl flooring for commercial and industrial companies.

ESD floors are essential to the security and long-term safety of a company as they absorb and control all electrostatic discharge in the workplace, which has the potential to cause serious damage if left unchecked. Additionally, this flooring reduces concrete dusting, allowing for easy cleanup. 

We are devoted to installing electrostatic vinyl floors that will provide your company with maximum security. Contact us for more information!

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